Gloomy Scale And Maple Trees

Common Diseases For Local Trees

Maple tree’s are some of the most beautiful trees we have in our area. The Japanese maples provide a beauty of it’s own, and the more common maples such as sugar maples provide spectacular fall foliage as well as wonderful shade during the hot summer months. One of the most common of all diseases that affects maples are the gloomy scale. Gloomy scale can also infect Boxelders, hollies, mulberry and sweetgum trees. These insects increase by one generation every year. Adults produce crawlers which seek out suitable feeding sites on your tree.Call Us Today! 919-720-6550 The Best Tree Service Raleigh Has To Offer Ashland Tree Service.

Maples that have been attacked by gloomy scale are generally unhealthy causing excessive twig dieback. If you see your maples have the type of armor shown in the image, it is important you contact an expert who can then inspect the tree closely and suggest an appropriate course of action. At Ashland Tree Service, our experts have along with the knowledge of diseases and problems with trees, the experience to ascertain various stages of danger with a dying or diseased tree. We can recommend the appropriate course of action which can be treatment, or even removal of the dying tree if it necessary.

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