Tips On How To Spot Dead And Diseased Trees

Healthy trees are strong and robust. There are many factors such as wind, rain, cold, and heat that can lead to the decline of trees. Trees are also quite succeptable to disease, so you have to keep an eye out for any indication that they may be dying or getting weak.

Regular inspection by a professional tree service company is vital in maintaining healthy trees. Regular tree trimming, tree pruning, and in some cases tree removal is necessary to keep the trees healthy and looking spectacular. Even when trees look healthy however, there can still be problems.

Based on the experience of tree service Raleigh, these are some of the most common indicators that trees are unhealthy.

1. Dead wood: dry and lifeless dead wood can break during high winds, rain, ice and become a hazard. Dead wood should be removed at once by a qualified tree service company.

2. Cracks and cankers: Cracks in the bark and along tree limbs. Cankers are holes where the bark is missing.

3. Decay: Trees will decay from the inside out, so spotting decay can be difficult. Mushrooms and other types of fungi are also strong indicators of unhealthy trees.

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