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Ashland Tree Service in Raleigh & Beyond

We are headquartered in the Raleigh area, but travel to outlying areas including locations throughout Wake County, Durham County, Franklin County, Johnston County, and Chatham County. Outside of those areas? Depending on your needs, we would be glad to talk to you about providing you the best tree services available for your needs.

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Our Service Area For Tree Removal in North Carolina

Tree Removal, Stump Grinding Emergency Tree Removal and tree pruning for Raleigh NC

Tree Removal Services & More in Raleigh, NC

Tree services in Cary NC and Beyond

Emergency Tree Removal & More in Cary, NC

Garner Tree Removal, Stump Grinding and more

Arborist Services, Tree Cutting & Removal in Garner, NC

Tree Service & Removal in Knightdale NC & Beyond

Tree Cutting & Removal in Knightdale, NC

Wake Forest NC Emergency Tree Removal services

Wake Forest Tree Removal & Tree Services

Wake Forest
Emergency Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, and Tree pruning services in Durham NC

Emergency Tree Removal & Tree Services in Durham, NC

Tree Service in Apex NC, providing tree removal, stump grinding and more

Tree Removal Service Company in Apex, NC

Emergency Tree Service in The Triangle of NC & Beyond Ashland Tree Service

Services provided by Ashland Tree Service in RTP & Beyond


Ashland Tree Service is active throughout the Raleigh Triangle area in North Carolina.

Ashland provides all types of tree services including:

  • Tree Cutting/Tree Removals: Sometimes, there’s nothing else that can be done but to cut down a tree. Sometimes, it’s a tree that has gotten too big for a certain location or is in the way of the new deck that you are putting on your house. Whatever, the case, Ashland can remove any type of tree from any location. Fully insured and ready for the toughest removal, Ashland is the company to call.  We specialize in taking down trees with particular attention to safety for your home.
  • Arborist Services:  Need help selecting the proper trees for your landscaping projects? Talk to one of our certified arborists about your particular needs.  With their knowledge of local species and characteristics of all types of plants, they will be able to help you select the best plants/trees for your particular need. Sick trees? Diseases killing off your favorite tree? An arborist can work with you and your tree(s) to give you an honest assessment on whether your tree can be saved.
  • Stump Grinding/Stump Removal: Ashland can come to your home and clear the yard of stumps quickly and efficiently. If you’ve still got a yard of stumps from some major project, or even just one stump that you want gone, we’ve got the equipment and skills to make them disappear quickly!
  • Tree Trimming/Tree Pruning: Some trees will benefit from a good pruning session with an experienced arborist doing the cutting. Knowing what can be trimmed and what shouldn’t be is a big part of maintaining a healthy tree.
  • Emergency Tree Removal:  As opposed to a planned tree removal, sometimes things happen like major storms that take a tree down through your roof or across your driveway. Trees that are partially down can be particularly dangerous. Lightning strikes, high winds, hurricanes, storms or other circumstances can damage a tree so badly that you may need to have your tree removed immediately. Ashland Tree Service is there for you when YOU need us..

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