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tree service cary ncNot many things are more dangerous to your home and property than a dead or dying tree can be. You can instantly have thousands of dollars of damage if a bad thunderstorm or hurricane comes through. It poses a risk to friends, family, and even pets when there is a chance of branches or limbs falling on them when outside. So, tree removal may be needed for many different reasons.

There are a few circumstances when you need to have your tree removed as soon as possible. If a tree is diseased, it needs to be removed at once. The infection may spread to other plants and kill them, too. Dead trees need to be removed before they start to fall apart. You never know when they will fall over and maybe hurt someone or something.

Sometimes, if you don’t like a particular tree and want it gone – we can do that. Call for Cary tree service today at 919-740-3959.

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Arborist Services in Cary, NC

We bring over 30 years of arborist and tree care experience, invaluable knowledge, and expertise. When we see any issue, we know how we will approach it. A less experienced company may not know what to do in several circumstances, leading to dead trees and potential accidents. Arborists are trained tree surgeons. We understand all of the small nuances and how most things will likely affect your trees’ health.

It doesn’t take much to send your trees toward death, especially when you throw a lack of experience into the mix. A good tree service can help you keep your yard alive and looking its best.

We can also give you tips and answer your questions so you’re better prepared and informed to stay vigilant and keep our eyes out for another tree in the future. We’d like to address any related issues or dangers to your property.

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Cary Stump Removals/Stump Grinding

Old stumps in your yard, especially in areas where people frequently walk or play, can be more than an annoyance; obstacles block your path at every turn. If you’ve ever tried to tackle the issue independently, you know it’s more complex.

To effectively remove these stubborn remnants, they must be ground down and extracted from beneath the soil’s surface. Left unattended, these stumps can slowly decay over many years, but there are more practical solutions than waiting for nature to take its course. The challenge of removing a well-established stump on your own can be daunting.

You should consider using a chainsaw as a quick fix, but that approach can tax your equipment, as you wear it through a chain with little to show for the effort. That’s why enlisting a professional tree service for stump grinding is often the most efficient and cost-effective strategy.

Our team can resolve this issue swiftly in one visit without resorting to harsh chemicals, chainsaws, or axes. We employ a specialized stump grinder that eradicates the stump, often at a lower cost than many homeowners anticipate.

Also, should you ever be tasked with felling a tree on your property and you’d like to preserve the stump for creative repurposing, such as a rustic outdoor seat, let us know if w We’re happy to accommodate your wishes and leave the stump at a suitable height for your project.

If you want a hassle-free solution to your stump problems, please call us at (919) 740-3959. Our professional team is ready to transform your landscape into a safer, more inviting space.

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Tree Trimming/Tree Pruning

Proper tree trimming and pruning can extend the lifespan and speed up the growth of most trees. This is something you need a professional for. Cutting too much or too little could lead to your tree dying even faster. Regular pruning is required to keep most trees healthy; it removes dead parts and promotes new, more robust growth.

Just because a tree looks healthy doesn’t mean it is; it can still have several underlying problems to it.

Beyond health, an untrimmed or poorly trimmed tree just flat-out looks bad. While it’s okay to trim live branches when necessary, you want to avoid them touching your home or being anywhere they could fall. Check out the International Society of Arboriculture for information on what we offer as an arborist.

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Emergency Tree Removal in Cary, NC

You hate to see it happen, but life is not in our control, and sometimes things happen. Storms, high winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, or other causes can drop a tree up against your house or across your drive. Ideally, you can have any questionable trees removed before they fall, but that doesn’t always work out. In times like these, you need Ashland Tree service to come out and help you out. Not many things are more dangerous on your property than a partially fallen tree; give us a call, and we’ll be out there ASAP to deal with it.

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