All You Need To Know About Tree Cutting

Do you need a tree taken down in your property? There’s a lot to consider prior to cutting any tree in your property. First, you must consider what your local regulations uphold. Here’s some basic information about tree cutting Raleigh NC you probably need to know.

Always hire a professional tree service

With so much information flooding online, we all want to turn any project into a DIY. But when it comes to tree cutting, it’s never worth putting your life at risk in order to save a few dollars. We’ve had of the sad stories of people who’ve sustained serious injuries, and others who’ve died after attempting to cut a tree in their lawn. Tree cutting can be an extremely technical and complicated service that requires skills, experience and the necessary tools in order to be done accurately and safely.

Hazardous tree removal – what if the tree is close to a power line?

If you have a tree that is close to power lines or any other obstacles that may endanger the tree worker’s safety, it’s important for the necessary precautions to be taken prior to cutting the tree. In many cases, tree specialists will recommend trimming or pruning the tree first in order to remove it from dangers like power lines. Reducing the tree’s height and then cutting it can help to ensure the job is done safely and effectively. Get in touch with Raleigh tree removal experts today.

Emergency tree removal – What happens when the tree is struck by lightning?

Tree removal can also be required after a harsh storm or lightning strikes. If you have hazardous trees in your home, you need to consider having them removed before such an emergency situation arises. Emergency tree cutting services can be done using specialized equipment. Because the worker’s safety is at risk, a lot of care must be used to remove a tree that has been struck by lightning. Trying to handle this kind of work on your own is not only risky but also likely to be inefficient.

What to do with a downed tree

Tree removal is a daunting task but even after it’s done getting rid of the downed tree presents another challenge. When you decide to cut your tree, you’ll still need to hire someone to dispose it. A tree removal service on the other hand, offers to get rid of the tree and any leftovers are completely removed. You are never left wondering what to do with the clutter after the job is done.

For professional Raleigh tree services you can count on, get in touch with us here at Ashland Tree Service. We’re the best arborist in the area and we’ll make sure you’re well taken care of.