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The preferred choice of smart homeowners in Durham who are looking for professional tree services. At Ashland Tree Service, we treat every job as if it was being done on our own property. From trimming and topping trees to full service tree extractions, Ashland Tree Service will get the job done right, at a fair price. A family owned business with over 30 years experience, we understand homeowner concerns and that dangerous situations due to storms or other acts of nature can create stressful times in your family and around your home.

It is critical for homeowners to take the time to inspect the trees around your property at least once a year. That’s why we offer to walk through your land with you, and our trained staff inspects for signs of danger with your trees. Dead or dying trees are not always easy to spot. Some diseases local to our area have tell tale signs that we are familiar with and can spot. Our focus is on preventing situations that can result in serious property damage and even potential loss of life from dangerous trees.

5 Items To Check When Inspecting Your Trees

  1. Overhanging limbs can be a danger to life and personal property.
  2. Bare spots where no bark is or large cracks in your trees are danger signs.
  3. Cankers, wilt, rust and other diseases are prevalent in the area.
  4. Tree’s that are malformed or leaning too much can be a real hazard.
  5. Broken, split or cracked branches and limbs that have not yet fallen or are lodged in the tree.

Professional Tree Removal Equipment

We are constanlty looking for safer ways to handle tree removal for homeowners. New technology is always improving on safety both in equipment and in training. Give us a call 919-607-4139

You have my promise we will safely remove that dangerous tree from your property with great care. And we will do our best to maintain the beauty of the landscaping around the area.

Mr. Steve Beard – Owner, Ashland Tree Service.

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