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Trees, they’re so important for a number of reasons. From acting as privacy barriers to converting carbon dioxide to oxygen or just yard decoration, it’s important that you take good care of the trees on your property. Trees are far more dangerous to work with and sensitive than a lot of people think, it doesn’t take much to kill a tree. Tree services in Raleigh, NC don’t just mean cutting down trees and removing them, it includes everything from trimming to stump grinding after removal. Keeping a tree alive, especially older ones can be quite difficult and it takes a great amount of care for them to prosper.

It’s so important that you choose an arborist that truly understands trees. Your tree can’t exactly tell you what’s wrong with it, and chances are good that you have no idea where to even begin with that. Our certified arborists are extremely experienced and about as good as they get when it comes to diagnosing, treating, and ultimately saving your stressed trees. There are thousands of tree diseases out there, keep your trees safe.

Why go With a Certified Arborist

We bring over 30 years of arborist and tree care experience to the table, that’s an invaluable amount of knowledge and expertise. When we see any issue, we know how we’re going to approach it. A lesser experienced company may truly not know what to do in a number of circumstances, and that just leads to dead trees and potential accidents. Arborist are literally just trained tree surgeons. They understand how doing different things will affect the tree, how to and no trim the tree to keep it healthy. Most people just have no knowledge of this so it’s best left to the pros. You’d hate for your tree to die from some silly mistake to then have to plant a new one or buy a grown one and have it planted. A good tree service is going to be able to help you keep your yard alive and looking its best.

Tree Removal Services

Not many things are more dangerous to your home and property than a dead or dying tree is. Should a bad thunderstorm or hurricane come through, it can fall and cause thousands of dollars of damage in an instant. It poses a risk to friends, family, and even pets when there is a chance of branches or limbs falling on them when outside. So tree removal may be needed for many different reasons. There are a few circumstances in which you’re going to need to have your tree removed ASAP. If a tree is diseased, it needs to be removed at once. The infection may spread to other plants and kill them too. Dead trees need to be removed before they start to fall apart, you never know when it’s going to just fall over and maybe hurt someone or something. If a storm knocks over a tree you need to have it removed as soon as you can, not only does it look bad but it’s just a big hazard right in your way that you need to be moved.

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Tree Trimming Services Raleigh

If you have a damaged or diseased tree, it’s possible that you can save it with proper trimming. This is something you need a professional for. Cutting too much or too little could lead to your tree dying even faster. Regular pruning is needed to keep most trees as healthy as they can be, it gets rid of dead parts and promotes new, stronger growth. Just because a tree looks healthy doesn’t mean it is, it can still have a number of underlying problems to it. Beyond health, an untrimmed or poorly trimmed tree just flat out looks bad. It’s okay to trim live branches too when you need to, you want to avoid them touching your home or being anywhere they could fall on your home. Plain and simple tree trimming needs to be part of your landscaping maintenance.

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Tree Pruning Services Raleigh

Pruning is more important than you may think. Any time you eliminate dead or unnecessary branches, the rest of your tree is going to grow better. The further a limb is from the trunk the harder it is for it to get water and nutrients, so the fewer limbs you have the more evenly spread out your nutrients will be. Limbs that produce fruit, for example, they’ll do much better after trimming excess limbs off. When you keep your trees trimmed and uninformed, you’re going to notice better yield down the road. The key here is just keeping all dead limbs cut off and keeping the nutrients flowing to the live limbs. It’s obvious here why you should have a pro doing your tree pruning. A trained arborist is going to know what to look for. The limb you’re not sure about pruning or not, we’ll know if it needs to go at a glance. An arborist is going to ensure that your tree is as healthy and fruitful as possible with as little risk to the tree as possible.

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Stump Grinding Service

However it may have gotten there, if a stump is in a high-traffic area it’s going to have to be removed at some point. To really get rid of it, it has to be ground down and removed from below the ground, then the ground needs to be covered. Stumps will fall apart over time if you leave them, but even after many years’ chances are good that it’ll be very hard for you to remove it yourself. One option is using a chainsaw but that will likely eat through an entire blade. Chemicals are an option too but you really don’t want to use those in your yard if you don’t have to. So the best solution is a professional tree service doing your stump grinding. We get this done in one visit. No chemicals, chainsaws, or axes involved. We use a stump grinder to completely remove the stump – and for less cost than you probably expect. If we’re cutting down a tree for you and you DO want to keep your stump to use as a seat or stand for something – just let us know and we’ll be sure to leave it for you.

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Professional Raleigh Tree Services

So with all that said, you can see why it’s important that you have a professional arborist doing any work with your trees, from trimming and pruning to cutting them down and grinding the stumps. The average person just doesn’t have the knowledge needed to take good care of a tree. They may look massive and strong, which they are, but they’re also susceptible to a lot of different things and require care to keep them alive and looking good for their entire lifespan. Something as simple as regular branch pruning can make all of the difference, it’ll keep your tree growing evenly and as quickly and healthily as possible.

Ashland Tree Service has the best arborists in and around the Raleigh area. If your tree is in need, we’re here to take care of it. No job is too big for us to handle. Contact us if you need help!