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tree service cary ncNot many things are more dangerous to your home and property than a dead or dying tree can be. Should a bad thunderstorm or hurricane come through, you can have thousands of dollars of damage done in an instant. It poses a risk to friends, family, and even pets when there is a chance of branches or limbs falling on them when outside. So tree removal may be needed for many different reasons. There are a few circumstances in which you’re going to need to have your tree removed ASAP. If a tree is diseased, it needs to be removed at once. The infection may spread to other plants and kill them too. Dead trees need to be removed before they start to fall apart, you never know when it’s going to just fall over and maybe hurt someone or something. Sometimes you just really don’t like a particular tree and want it gone – we can do that. Call for tree services in Cary, NC today at 919-740-3959.

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Arborist Services in Cary NC

We bring over 30 years of arborist and tree care experience to the table, that’s an invaluable amount of knowledge and expertise. When we see any issue, we know how we’re going to approach it. A lesser experienced company may truly not know what to do in a number of circumstances, and that just leads to dead trees and potential accidents. Arborist are literally trained tree surgeons, we understand all of the small nuances and how most things are likely going to affect the health of your trees.

It doesn’t take much to send your trees towards death, especially when you throw a lack of experince into the mix. A good tree service is going to be able to help you keep your yard alive and looking its best. Plus we can give you tips and answer your questions so you’re better prepared and informed in the future. We try to stay vigilant and keep our eyes out for other tree related issues or dangers on your property.

Cary Stump Removals/Stump Grinding

Old stumps in high-traffic areas of your yard are nothing but a pain, they always seem to somehow be in the way and you can’t do anything about it yourself. To really get rid of it, it has to be ground down and removed from below the ground, then the ground needs to be covered. Stumps will fall apart over time if you leave them, but even after many years’ chances are good that it’ll be very hard for you to remove it yourself. One option is using a chainsaw but that will likely eat through an entire chain. So the best solution is a professional tree service doing your stump grinding. We get this done in one visit. No chemicals, chainsaws, or axes involved. We use a stump grinder to completely remove the stump – and for less cost than you probably expect. If we’re cutting down a tree for you and you DO want to keep your stump to use as a seat or stand for something – just let us know and we’ll be sure to leave it for you. Call Today  (919) 740-3959

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Tree Trimming/Tree Pruning

Proper tree trimming and pruning can extend the lifespan and speed up the growth of most trees. This is something you need a professional for. Cutting too much or too little could lead to your tree dying even faster. Regular pruning is needed to keep most trees as healthy as they can be, it gets rid of dead parts and promotes new, stronger growth. Just because a tree looks healthy doesn’t mean it is, it can still have a number of underlying problems to it. Beyond health, an untrimmed or poorly trimmed tree just flat out looks bad. It’s okay to trim live branches too when you need to, you want to avoid them touching your home or being anywhere they could fall on your home.

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Emergency Tree Removal in Cary NC

You hate to see it happen, but life is not in our control and sometimes things just happen. Storms, high winds, tornadoes, hurricanes or even other causes can drop a tree right up against your house or across your drive. Ideally you can have any questionable trees removed before they fall, but that doesn’t always work out. In times like these, you need Ashland tree service to come out and help you out. Not many things are more dangerous on your property than a partially fallen tree, give us a call and we’ll be out there ASAP to deal with it.

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