Annual Pre Storm Tree Inspection

Limit Damage To Trees From Storms

Severe storms are becoming more prevalent in North Carolina with the changing weather patterns. From straight line wind and rain, thunderstorms, and tornadoes to hurricanes, the damage that they can cause to your property is simply stunning. Running a tree removal company, I get asked all the time by clients what should they do to prepare the trees on their land for storms in the area. Are there steps they can take to help lessen the potential for catastrophe? The answer is yes, and today I will go over some of the basic checks all property owners should perform at least once a year. I recommend an annual check up to insure a safe as possible environment for your family, home, or business. While nothing can prevent the total destruction of a tornado, at least you will be reducing the damage that can be done.

 Tree Inspection and Review

At least once a year, normally in the Spring, you should walk around your property inspecting every tree for signs of disease or worse one that is dying. You should also check for an potential hazards such as branches that are growing over the roof of a structure or too close to a structure. Check to make sure trees are not too crowded and make sure you have the right mix of tree varieties. I always recommend having a tree expert do the inspection with you. They are trained to spot diseases in their early stages, and can easily detect potential dangerous situations that you might miss. A tree that is leaning to far for example may not catch your eye, but someone trained to find and resolve potential hazardous trees will.

Steve from Ashland Tree Service says “Catching a problem when the tree is young and taking steps to resolve the hazard can save the tree and save you thousands of dollars in damage.”

Often times homeowners will look at a beautiful old tree and because of it’s size and beauty walk right past it. Not recognizing the fact that many mature trees are often more fragile than a younger smaller tree might be. Older trees are also more susceptible to disease and to storm damage than younger trees. The age of a tree is an important factor to consider when doing your annual inspection. I generally go by the rule that the older the tree the closer I need to look at it. The benefit of a closer inspection is you can easily take proactive steps such as trimming an older tree, thinning some of the canopy can prevent storm damage later when a severe storm moves through your area.

It is also important to identify the different types of trees on your property. Each tree has different characteristics. Some trees will drop leaves in the fall, some all year round. Others have nuts, some have attractive flowering in the Spring. Still others seem to drop branches and small twigs every time the wind blows slightly. Knowing what to expect with your trees will help to maintain their unique beauty and appeal while keeping them protected and healthy.

The following check list will help you to tell if your trees are healthy or in declining condition and in need of extra care, or even removal if the situation requires it. When inspecting a tree look for:

  • Dead or dying branches, that may even have brown leaves still on them.
  • Broken branches still lodged in the tree
  • Cracks in the tree extending into the wood, not just in the bark itself, or multiple cracks
  • Large holes in a tree indicating rot
  • Disease and fungal infections
  • An over abundance of insect damage and insect attacks
  • Split trees or trees that have severe damage from past storms
  • Soil changes around the base of a tree can indicate a tree may be in danger of falling
  • Fungal growth (mushrooms, etc) around a tree can indicate serious danger
  • Loss of bark can indicate a dead or dying tree
  • Very fine sawdust around a trunk can indicate serious insect damage.
  • Trees that are not shaped the way normal trees are. These can indicate serious potential problems

Proactive Tree Care Solutions

If you find multiple problems with a tree that is a big warning that the tree can pose some serious hazardous issues down the line, particularly if a storm were to hit it. You should immediately consult with a tree expert to decide on the best course of action.

Trees can add tremendous beauty and definition to your property. They bring great assets such as shade, and protection from the elements as well. But when a tree becomes a hazard it can become a tragedy waiting to happen. An annual or semi annual inspection of your trees can save you thousands of dollars and even a life.

Let our experts come out and take a look at your trees if you find anything at all that could become a problem particularly during a storm. We are a family owned business with over thirty years of experience in tree care in the Raleigh area. Contact us today at 919-607-4139 or via our online form. If you really want to be safe and have Raleigh tree experts survery your property for any arborist realted issues, we can do that!