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Tree Services & Tree Removal in Garner, NC

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Garner Tree Services

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Ashland Tree Service Provides Many Tree Services in Garner including:

Garner Tree Cutting/Tree Removals

Not every tree can be saved. Either a tree has gotten too large for a certain place or maybe, it’s standing between you and that new deck or patio you have in mind. Whatever, the case, Ashland can remove any type of tree from any location. Completely insured and ready for the trickiest removals, Ashland is the firm to call. No matter what kind of removal we’re doing, our big focus is always going to be on keeping you AND your property safe.

Arborist Services in Garner NC

Absolutely no idea what kind of tree to choose for your next project? Do you have a diseased tree that you are really trying to save? Our certified arborists can answer any questions you may have about any of the trees in your yard. With their in-depth knowledge of local trees and other plants, they can help improve the looks of your landscaping or even help you plan a completely new landscape design. in the case of a sick tree, an arborist can work with it to give you an honest assessment on whether it can be saved, or if you’d be better off trying to work a new tree in your yard.

 Garner Stump Removals/Stump Grinding

We can get rid of stumps with just a quick phone call. With a phone call, our experienced staff can schedule a visit to your home and get those annoying stumps out of the way forever. Ashland has the equipment and expertise to grind away stones from your yard in no time. If you have one, or even many, stumps, we are the company to call to get them gone fast!

 Tree Trimming/Tree Pruning

Pruning or trimming can greatly enhance the look of almost any tree in your yard. The trick is knowing what may be trimmed and what should not be, when to do it, and exactly how to do it.  Not all trees are the same. Some of them will take easily to removing larger parts of limbs during certain seasons. A licensed, experienced arborist, such as Steven Beard at Ashland, can tell you more about it. Call today to schedule your professional trimming service.

 Emergency Tree Removals in Garner NC

Sometimes unexpected things just happen. here in North Carolina, we have a number of weather conditions that can cause unexpected problems. High winds, heavy thunderstorms, tornadoes, even hurricanes can all bring down a tree unexpectedly – and often in just the wrong place. we get called often for trees that have fallen against houses, on houses, and across driveways. All of these situations require immediate response. For times like that, you need Ashland.  Trees which are partly down can be especially dangerous. When those things happen, it’s important to have a company that get out to you fast and resolve your issue as quickly and safely as possible.  Ashland Tree Service is there to help you when YOU need us.

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